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Our Sustainable Development Goals: Decent Work and Economic Growth

We make sure sustainability is always considered when creating our communities, and that our actions benefit the local economy. That’s why we committed to five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to help us achieve this:


  1. 1. Responsible consumption and production
  2. 2. Decent work and economic growth
  3. 3. Sustainable cities and communities
  4. 4. Life on land
  5. 5. Climate Action

We have spoken before about Responsible Consumption and ProductionSustainable Cities and Communities, and Life on Land. In this blog, we’re highlighting the importance of the Decent Work and Economic Growth SDG.


Decent Work and Economic Growth focuses on promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth in a local area, aiming to provide work and opportunities throughout the community. As part of this commitment, we create new and safe working environments and regeneration activities, to provide local businesses with chances to grow.


Employment opportunities for our communities


In each of our communities, we aim to provide work for local people. We partner with subcontractors to create career opportunities within construction as well as establishing local supply chains and supporting suppliers from surrounding areas. This creates jobs for the communities we’re a part of, and means each of our neighbourhoods are unique, constructed by teams local to the area.


Through our network of suppliers and contractors, we also run upskilling programmes and offer apprenticeship opportunities to address the skills shortage within the construction industry. We currently support four apprentices across our Silkash and Keld communities, which launched in 2020 and 2021 respectively, exceeding our five-year target of one new apprenticeship placement per year.


Supporting local businesses


Getting to know our communities is key to understanding what makes each area special. That’s why before we start work at a new neighbourhood, we take time to create a personalised training and employment plan to support each community and ensure we continue to work closely with local businesses throughout our time on site.


We also partner with local businesses, and promote them to our residents, encouraging them to spend locally and support economic growth.


Inspiring the next generation


Our close relationships with local schools allows us to provide support and educate young people on the different career options available within construction. We take part in interactive enterprise activities, such as mock interviews, which help support students and prepare them for real life interview experiences and develop their employability.


To date we have hosted a workplace safari with The Sixth Form Bolton. Throughout the day students had a tour of Silkash and got a flavour of the possible career paths available. They also had the opportunity to discuss their A-level choices and get valuable advice on potential future careers.


Our Enterprise Advisor, Jo Allen, has been working closely with the Career Leads and students of St Peter’s High School in Wigan to support the careers programme and give insight into the world of work, particularly in the construction sector.


For younger students, our Design a *Shed competition, where they are given a tour of our homes and a chance to find out more about our innovative *Sheds, introduces them to the world of homebuilding. This encourages creativity, provides hands on experience and an understanding of the importance of sustainability from a young age.