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Meet our residents: Emma and Matt

Since welcoming our first residents to Silkash in December 2020, the community has already grown to over 100 residents. Emma and Matt moved to Westhoughton in September 2021 and have since enjoyed getting to know the local area and making their home their own.


We first met Emma, a graphic designer, and Matt, a paralegal in December 2020. At the time they were renting in Stockport and looking for their first home. Originally from Horwich, Emma knew she loved the area, and Westhoughton had the excellent transport links to Manchester that they needed, while still being surrounded by greenery.


When they started on their home search, Emma and Matt had their sights set on a Victorian terrace. However, this all changed when they found Northstone. They were struck by the high ceilings, pitched roofs and big aluminium framed windows – unique design features that made them reconsider a Victorian terrace. Help to Buy was also an important factor, as they were looking to get on the property ladder as soon as possible.


During the build Emma and Matt enjoyed making their personal choices, opting for black cabinets and now they’re in they’ve chosen a striking black wall to match, drawing the eye from the living room into the kitchen. Meanwhile, a cork-tiled floor brings in natural materials and textures, to keep the home connected to the outdoors.




The lootility, a space unique to Northstone’s new homes, which combines a downstairs toilet with a utility room, also struck Emma and Matt as a great use of space. Not afraid of a pop of colour, they used a bright yellow vinyl for the floor, bringing this functional room to life and allowing them to experiment with bright colours in a smaller space.



Outside the home, Emma and Matt have enjoyed getting to know Silkash and wider Westhoughton community. Matt said: “Westhoughton has so much to explore. We love spending time at The Beer School and The Kitchen, and there’s a really cool micro-bakery called Hive Bakehouse, which makes amazing fresh bread.”


Emma added: “These days, the team at Silkash feel more like friends who live in the neighbourhood. They put on a Christmas gathering in the Huddle and on the street at the front for all the residents with mulled wine, and a full brass band. It was a great opportunity to meet more of the neighbours and to appreciate the community that is growing around us.


“Our friends and family love the home too. In fact, when we first moved in, my sister and brother-in-law drove over with our cat Zelda and gave us a cake they'd made for us, which was in the shape of our house!


“We are so happy to have moved here and settled in and can’t wait to keep making the home our own and meeting our new neighbours.”