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Building Northstone communities: Getting to know your neighbours

We don’t just build houses. We are community driven in everything that we do, and passionate about creating welcoming neighbourhoods for our residents.


Our friendly teams will be the first faces you see when you visit our Northstone communities – on hand to offer support throughout the home buying process, all the way to move in day. But it doesn’t stop there. We know how important it is to feel connected to your community, whether you’re new to the area or not. It’s why we make it easy for you to get to know your neighbours as our communities grow. Here’s our tips on how to become part of your neighbourhood when you move in:


  1. 1. A simple knock on the door or chat in the street is the easiest way to introduce yourself to your new neighbours, swap numbers and get to know them.


  3. 2. Set up a neighbourhood Facebook or WhatsApp group so you can swap contacts, arrange local trades and share recommendations in your area.


  5. 3. Once you’ve introduced yourself, why not host a housewarming or garden party for your new neighbours?

Creating thriving communities is a really important part of what we do. Here are the ways we make it as easy as possible to get settled in, when you get the keys to your new home.


The NeighbourHub and Huddle


From the moment you get your keys, you become part of the Northstone community through our unique, people-first customer experience platform ‘NeighbourHub’. With everything at your fingertips, our NeighbourHub portal keeps you connected to your new neighbourhood with ease. The NeighbourHub team use the platform to share important announcements, upcoming events, or local news, helping you to get to know your neighbours and immerse yourself in all that your local area has to offer.


We love hearing ideas from new neighbours about what they would like to see from the NeighbourHub team. Let us know your thoughts!


Each Northstone community also has its own Huddle, our sales office where you can pop down for a brew and chat to the team. The Huddle is where your connection to the Northstone community begins, from your first appointment to the handing over of the keys and beyond.


Social-first design choices


Our design approach is focused on creating spaces for our communities to come together. ‘Pedestrian-led pavements’ are wide enough for people to walk alongside each other, so you can have a chat with your new neighbours on the go. All our communities are also complete with outdoor spaces for the community to catch up. Glisk in Ellesmere Port, one of our upcoming neighbourhoods, will have a village green perfect for socialising and getting to know one another. It’s these little things that help to create long-lasting friendships with your neighbours.


Staying connected


We know that getting to know your neighbours is about more than being connected with other Northstone residents. That’s why we ensure that our neighbourhoods are embedded in their wider communities. When you move in, you’ll be introduced to independent local businesses and given advice on what to see and do in the local area. We’ll also give you a local guide that shows off our favourite spots and nearby amenities, such as walks, coffee shops and restaurants.


Emma, one of our Silkash neighbours, said: “These days, the team at Silkash feel more like friends who live in the neighbourhood. They put on a Christmas gathering in the Huddle and on the street at the front for all the residents with mulled wine, and a full brass band. It was a great opportunity to meet more of the neighbours and to appreciate the community that is growing around us.

“I’m so happy to have moved here and settled in so quickly and can’t wait to keep making the home my own and meeting more new neighbours.”