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Northstone’s Sustainable Development Goals: Life on Land

Sustainability means, ‘to continue an activity without end’. At Northstone, we understand how important sustainability and environmental conservation are and make sure both are encompassed throughout our communities.  


Everything we do from a sustainability perspective is aligned to four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


  1. 1. Responsible consumption and production
  2. 2. Decent work and economic growth
  3. 3. Sustainable cities and communities
  4. 4. Life on land

Previous blogs have focused on Responsible Consumption and Production and Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesIn this blog we’re highlighting the Life on Land SDG. 


This SDG is all about protecting, restoring, and promoting the sustainable use of land-based ecosystems. That’s why we’ve put measures in place to make sure our new communities and existing ecosystems can thrive together.


A good example of this is our pledge to Connect Communities with Nature. This commitment means we will improve current and future communities, by increasing and enhancing elements of the natural environment. We do this by:


Increasing biodiversity net gainThis means that we intend to improve the plant and animal wildlife within the area by 10 per cent on all planning approved sites.


Adopting a bespoke ecological design code

Each development has its own bespoke ecological design code. This can mean including bat boxes, swift boxes, and hedgehog friendly fences to help not only protect our wildlife but to encourage their integration with our communities.


Implementing a landscape design code

We pledge to plant one additional tree per resident at every community, as well as incorporating hedgerows, trees, and evergreen perennial shrubs to complement the existing local environment and encourage native species to thrive.


Sustainable urban drainage systems:
Our eco-friendly drainage systems create new opportunities for habitats in the local area while reducing the risk of flooding.


Increasing access to nature:

Encouraging our residents to understand and appreciate the natural world around them and giving them more opportunities to interact with nature is key. Our Silkash community in Westhoughton sits close to Hall Lee Bank Local Nature Reserve, home to a wealth of wildlife. In 2022, the Silkash community will have access to a new path leading to the nature reserve encouraging regular interactions with the environment.


At our Keld community in Barrowford, we have created easily accessible routes connecting our residents to the network of public footpaths bringing them closer to the natural space close by.


Within all of our communities, we strive to enhance the local landscape and create a more sustainable planet for our future.